Open Letter for My Day 1s

So who in the world am I , and why am I even here? I feel like those are legitimate questions for my very first post so I will happily introduce myself as it relates to this blog and its beginning.

My name is Tiffany A. I have been in the financial industry for the past five years and have developed a personal passion for financial freedom. Working in the industry I have become exposed to numerous people at different places in their financial journey. In that time, I realized how huge the gap of financial education, or lack thereof, actually extended.

Through my personal growth, I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for being in a position to elevate others and be of service. I want to touch as many people as I can with basic financial information and build on that foundation. Once you are able to enhance your financial literacy you become CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED in your decision making.

As we go out to look for services such as bank accounts, loans, credit cards, investments etc., I want to have equipped you in a way that you feel confident and in a position of power (not uninformed and in a state of desperation) when making decision with your finances.

I am overly grateful for my personal growth and for my growth moving forward. I know that as I increase so will those that are attached to me. I thank you all in advance for any read, share, or interaction as we step further into our financial journeys together, and put ourselves in position to be EMPOWERED.

Embrace the journey,

Tiffany A.

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